DVP 3007 Region Unlocking Procedure

Imagine this, you have just bought a DVD Player (mine happens to be a Philips DVP 3007/69) and are excited about it. No more changing discs. No more “Please insert Disc 2″ screens!!! I did the same and was happily watching movies away to glory, all this only till the last weekend.

I rented a couple of DVDs of some old classic movies that I have wanted to watch for quite sometime now. In a mood to relax on a saturday afternoon watching “Sea Wolves”, I power on my DVD Player and chuck the disc in and wait for it to load. After sometime it shows me a “Wrong Region Error” on the screen!!! I am baffled, as the sales rep at Viveks had told me that this player can play all region DVDs without any problem. I still wanted to watch a movie and not wanting to be dissapointed, I tried the other two movies which I had rented. Both of them show the same error. Dissapointed, I called the DVD rental shop and told him that the DVDs were being sent back and to send some other movies and make sure that those played in my DVD player. It was then that he asked me to contact Philips support guys and ask for the Region unlock code and enter that on my DVD player’s system console and these DVDs would play without any problem.

There was a ray of hope, I could finally watch the movies after all!!! Not wasting a single moment, I got hold of the Philips support center phone number and called them up. To my dissappointment, they told me that its a very complex procedure and if anything is done wrong, my DVD player could end up useless and even the warranty would not cover it. So I asked about their location so that I could take down my player to their shop and get it unlocked. I was in for a surprise again this time, the only Philips support center is in Malleswaram (almost 45 minutes ride on my RX135 from my house). That is not all, they told me that they do not provide doorstep support for my DVD player model!!! Just the thought of going all that way and coming back in the hot sun put my grey cells into action. I knew for sure that I’m not the first guy to face this problem and somebody would have been kind enough to log his exprience and unlock code on the Internet. Well, I found some threads discussing the same issue, but not the same DVD player model!!! Just to be sure, I tried out the codes given for other Philips DVD player models on mine but none worked.

I was almost losing hope and thought that the only option would be to go spend 2-3 hours traveling to the Philips support center and getting my player unlocked. Just as I was about to log off and get ready to go, my eye caught a glimpse of a Region unlock hack for a Philips DVP 3005 model. After so many trials and dissappointments, I was not ready to try this out as I was almost sure of it to fail!!! Nonetheless, just to avoid the journey that lay ahead of me, I tried it and WHOA!!!! IT WORKED!!!!

It took me at most 20 minutes to unlock my player, this is from the time I found that it was region locked till I unlocked it. Here comes the most frustrating part – Philips wanted me to come down to their shop, just to tap 10 (TEN) keys on my remote to unlock the player. It would just take seconds to accomplish the task, for which I was asked to travel to the other end of the town. Is that what we call customer service!!!

Atlast, I finally got to watch “Sea Wolves” and what a wonderful movie it was. Gregory Peck and Roger Moore were amazing in that movie. Will write about the movie some other time.

For those who have faced a similar problem, here is the hack to make your DVP 3007 to read all region DVDs.

1. Power on the DVP 3007.
2. Bring up the System Menu.
3. Navigate to the Preferences page.
4. Press the following combination of keys on your remote in this order to bring up the secret menu showing the Region Code.
5. Use the arrow keys on the remote control to change the Region. To make it region free, set the Region code to “0″ (zero).
6. Exit the System Menu.

Source of this hack: http://www.videohelp.com

70 comments to DVP 3007 Region Unlocking Procedure

  • P Muthu Kumar

    Hi Deejay,
    Im from Bangalore and I bought a DVD 3007 and I had the REGION ERR issue. My dad got a membership from the British Library and all the DVD’s borrowed from there had REGION ERR and we were so upset. We saw the Philips manual to see how to change the Region code and there was no help but it said to visit http://www.philips.com/support, even there no help. Finally we tried in google to see what that error was all about and luckily we saw your website and tried your simple steps to unlock the region code and was able to play the British library DVD’s which was of other region. The british library has a good collection of novel based and classic DVD’s. Thanks a million for your help.

  • Karthik Ashok

    Hey buddy ur super cool for sharing this Thanks a bunch

  • Aaptha

    It worked for me in a blink! Thanks a lot!

  • ben

    cheers mate! Ordered copy of La Haine from France but wrong region. now all is good

    Ben Sydney Australia

  • Shrirang Mane

    dude u have become quite famous here. your link is at the top of google search. you deserve it. u have helped many a people to unlock their dvdplayers and enjoy them to their fullest. you are a lifesaver man. kudos to you.

  • rohit

    Thanks a ton Mate..

    You are a life saver.

  • Ashok

    Good hack.

    I had a query. Is there a limit to the no of times you can change the region code on the player (DVP 3007)


  • Sivaraj

    I was very upset for the past few days for not able to play and watch my brand new “solaris” movie dvd which i was bought it from sify online shopping mall 15 days back.

    initially i was trying to search the hack code without specifying the dvd model no (dvp3007). in that i found some hack codes but it was not working. even yesterday night i tried.

    today i specified the dvd model no and found your blog. and become happy by seeing the other guys replies ie., its working.

    tonight i will try to unlock it.

    and 1more doubt, will the system menu appear when the tray is open

    please clarify.

  • Sivaraj

    thanks, thanks it was working fine. its amazing. i unlocked the region error successfully for my player and set my player as region.

  • govindareddy bn

    i have philips 3.1 channel dvp 3002 or5 model DVD player,
    after i moved from bangalore to my native DVD player is not working. it is continiously shown “HELLO” on display not going to “LOAD” mode in bangalore it is working fine two days back.
    i kept not on two days in my native village. what is the solution for this?is any CD jam in that? can anybody give suggastion.?

  • Thanks for the info buddy

  • dude

    AWESOME MAN..!! Thanks so much for your effort in putting this up, I dedicate my next beer to you..!! cheers

  • heythanks lot am a movie buff like u…….

    great dude ……..

  • Harish


    Does this player plays all format video files. Recently i burned a movie using nero software in dvd (.avi file) and tried to play it but player showed error – unreadable or unknown disc. Please help me in this. Does this player plays all kind of video formats and if not then is any way where in i can make my player to play all format of videos

    THank you

  • Srinivas

    Thanks a lot and lot. It worked for my Philips DVD player model dvp3007/IK. As mentioned in 13th comment ensure to remove the DVD and keep the tray open to get preferences menu. Really great invention

  • ishita

    hey, i cannot go to the preference page,what should i do to reach that setting?

  • Sid

    Hey Cool!!!
    I was about to thrash the BIGFlix guys for giving such a DVD. Before I could go on just though of using the most poweful tool available- ya the Internet.
    Thank fully me and my wife can now watch The Pirate ot Carribean- first part… long seen one. Thanks a lot for posting and saving my day.

  • Raj - Malleswaram


    Thanks a lot You are life saver.

    This hack solved my region code error in my philips 3007 model – dvd player.i was struggling from long time crack the region error in my dvd player, i searched even in videohelp.com, but could not this information.

    now i can watch the DVD movie – ITS MAD MAD MAD WORLD – Which was bought in New Jersey.

    Thanks a lot once again


  • This is exactly what I was thinking and i’m looking for more at google

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